Thursday, 27 October 2016

Migrants Can Benefit From Certified Document Translation Services

One of Florida’s most highly regarded translation services agency, Cinchtranslations, reports that migrants can benefit from using the agency’s certified document translation services.
Uscis Birth Certificate Translation

There is a lot of paperwork involved when making official applications. Whether it is an application for a job, a college or university, a visa or citizenship, documents must be produced and shown to anyone who wishes to see them. In the U.S., the official language is English, but many people who come to live and work there may speak another language as their mother tongue, even if they understand English very well.

It is quite likely that any documents they have are not written in English, but in the original native language of the owner of the documents. These documents will need to be translated accurately before they can be submitted to the employer, college or university administration or the USCIS, the U.S. federal agency that oversees all visa and citizenship applications.
Certified Translation Services For Immigration

Because the people who inspect the translated documents cannot be expected to understand the original documents, there is usually a rule that the documents are certified. Efficient and accurate certified document translation services are provided by Cinchtranslations. Their translators convert any sort of original document into a useful and accurately translated version of the document in English. Not only that, the translator ensures that the translated document is certified to the satisfaction of  USCIS in particular. The certification simply shows that the original document has been sighted and that the translated document is an accurate version of it.
Uscis Certified Translation Services

Cinchtranslations does advise any intending migrant that they shouldn’t rely on a friend or relative to translate their birth certificates, marriage certificates, qualifications, employment records and so on. If inaccurate translated documents or documents that have not been certified properly are submitted to the USCIS, then it can hold up the application process for weeks or even months.
Diploma Translation Services

Cinchtranslations say that they have never had one of their certified translated documents rejected by the USCIS. Considering the quantity of documents they deal with, this is a huge vote of confidence for this Florida based translation agency.
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